Why Bambulot? The foal was beautiful and had perfect proportions: a beautiful head and a captivating nose. He was as beautiful as a doll (in the Emilian dialect, "as beautiful as a bambulot"). His nickname became Bambulot and with this name he is known all over the world. Arc Play With Prizes is his full name, a magnificent Quarter Horse. He was born in Reggio Emilia, Italy, on 21/04/1995 from two world-famous champions: Surprise Enterprise, great cutting champion and Catty Little Lena, legendary champion of Reining. Unlike his parents, Arc Play With Prizes was born and trained in Italy by an Italian coach. The tradition was, and still is, that to buy a horse with winning ambitions you had to go to the United States, preferably Texas, to have a horse trained by American Texasan instructors (who are the masters in Reining and Cutting). Despite his different upbringing, Bambulot always won everywhere. In the three years he actively participated in competitions, with the exception of the first 2 races, he always finished first or second. In 2000 in Munich he won the title of World Champion. Then an unfortunate accident ruined his career. Thus began his career as a stallion. From Bambulot many beautiful horses were born, of mild character, very intelligent. However, none of the sons managed to emulate their father's greatness. This site is a tribute to this unrivaled champion.